The following Applications were shared or recommended by the Closing Session panelists...


Jenna Linskens:
Notability - for taking notes, recording audio, and annotating PDFs
Evernote - create, share and store notes
Paper Helper - split screen document creation and web browsing
Dropbox - access and share files - connects to
Voice Thread - create and share conversations - connects to
Flashcards* - create, store and study flashcards - connects to
Educreations - drawing, voice over recording
Join Me - screen sharing with texting feature
Smarty Pants School - tests Pre-K through early primary students on early reading skills and provides supporting activities
Science Fair - PBS Kids videos with Sid the Science Kid
Science 360 - videos, images and information on all science topics imaginable
Tour Wrist - virtual tour of locations around the world
EDU Store - App suggestions and reviews for educators


Gail Lovely:
SlingNote - sharing notes, annotations and research
Neu.Annotate PDF - annotate your PDFs
Explain Everything - screen annotation with audio - exports & imports files
Zapd - instant websites
QR Code Reader for iPhone - scans QR codes
QRVoice - QRcode maker which embeds text-to-speech
Strange and Wonderful World of Ants - ebook with multiple reading levels
Toontastic - creative story writing with images & audio files
Book Creator - Create books with images, text, voice, etc.
Sock Puppets - create conversations, stories and projects


Hall Davidson:
Kindle Reader
Wiki Offline - access to Wikipedia
Solar System
Rover - flash reading browsers for your iOS device
LogMeIn - remote desktop software
Boycott SOPA
Comic Touch Lite - identify graphics
Leaf Snap - upload images of leaves to identify plants, provides information as well
Puppet Pals - create live, animated stories
Reel Director - mobile editor for video
Green Screen Movie FX - live chromakey into mobile video
Coach's Eye - video annotation
Mad Pad - create interactive, video "Concentration" style games
Action Movie

To view information on these apps and more click on the following link to a Google Doc.